USD $425 A Day Co-Coordinator Remote (Virtual) Position At The Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM)

USD $425 A Day Co-Coordinator Remote (Virtual) Position At The Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM)

ORGANIZATIONThe Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM)
LOCATIONRemote (Virtual)
CAREER CATEGORYFeminism and Women’s Rights
TYPE OF CONTRACTPart Time Contract
DURATIONNot Specified
DEADLINE01 April 2024

USD $425 A Day Co-Coordinator Remote (Virtual) Position At The Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM)


  • Role: COFEM Co-Coordinator 
  • Contract: Up to 10 days / month 
  • Remuneration: $425/day1 
  • Location: Remote (Virtual position)

The Coalition of Feminists for Social Change (COFEM) is an advocacy collective of thought leaders, activists, practitioners and academics working globally to end Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). COFEM was formed in 2016 to create a feminist space for practitioners, academics and activists to critically engage with and collectively address challenges facing VAWG work. COFEM’s objectives are twofold: 

1. To provide a forum for connection, discussion, problem solving, mutual support and activism to advance feminist, women-centered strategies for ending VAWG and promoting the rights of women and girls; 

2. To collectively identify and implement strategies and actions to overcome the challenges facing feminist-informed efforts to address VAWG, and make sure that women and girls remain at the center of all efforts to end VAWG. 

COFEM’s work is led by its Secretariat, which is a team of feminist consultants who advance COFEM’s advocacy, knowledge production and movement-building objectives, supported by the Coordinating Committee which serves in a feminist advisory and oversight capacity. In 2023, COFEM transitioned into a more nimble entity aiming to 1) make timely and effective decisions, in alignment with feminist principles, 2) drive more resource mobilization and expand avenues for how COFEM is funded, and 3) increase creation and sharing of knowledge products in support of its 

1 The monthly remit is TBD through discussion with the applicant during the transition period, range between 5 – 10 days/month. The rate for this role is the standard Secretariat rate.

primary objectives. One of the key changes was the introduction of a Co-Coordinator model to support shared feminist leadership across the various domains of COFEM’s work. 

The role of the COFEM’s Co-Coordinators is to ensure accountability to each other, the Secretariat, and Coordinating Committee in decision-making processes, provide strategic leadership and supervision when needed to the COFEM Secretariat, as well as facilitate their onboarding and reporting processes. 

The Co-Coordinators take a team approach and work collaboratively on most COFEM activities, while each provides executive leadership over different COFEM functions. There are two core roles: one leads on organizational strengthening, inclusion, and donor relationships, while the other steers movement building, advocacy, and knowledge production. COFEM’s Coordinating Committee as an advisory board and support system for the Co-Coordinators.

Task Description

COFEM is looking for a Co-Coordinator who will focus on Organizational Strengthening. The Co-Coordinator for Organizational Strengthening will lead the following activities:

1. Secretariat and Network Management 

a. Manage and action Secretariat and Coordinating Committee contracts and billing; b. Act as primary focal point for COFEM’s Fiscal Sponsor; 

c. Monitor and maintain internal communications and knowledge management systems (i.e. Facebook, Outlook, and Gmail) as well as the internal Secretariat calendar; 

d. Respond to all potential member requests and review questionnaires; 

e. Coordinate yearly reflection sessions for the Secretariat and Coordinating Committee; 

f. Participate in all COFEM Working Groups and brainstorm strategies for ongoing member engagement; 

g. Oversee and manage the administration of COFEM’s network. 

2. Organizational Inclusion and Values 

a. Update guidelines as needed to ensure that COFEM’s processes are structured and functioning in line with an intersectional framework, COFEM’s Guiding Feminist Principles, and Internal Communications Guidelines; 

b. Develop strategies for ensuring that a diversity of members are able to lead and participate in COFEM conversations; 

c. Provide guidance to the COFEM Secretariat and Coordinating Committee on issues and concerns around diversity, inclusion and accessibility, and lead on solutions. 

3. Donor Relationships and Accountability 

a. Ensure regular communication with donors and COFEM’s fiscal sponsor; b. Support stewardship of donor representatives by inviting them to participate in project activities, where appropriate;

c. Facilitate periodic donor meetings; 

d. Support and manage the donor reporting schedule and ensure that all members of the Secretariat are aware of all upcoming report deadlines; 

e. Ensure that donors are suitably recognised and visible in COFEM’s communications, PR materials and social media. 

f. Create and maintain all donor files on the shared server; 

4. Financial Leadership and Budgets 

a. With the Financial Leadership and Budget Consultant, track and monitor COFEM budgets alongside our fiscal host; 

b. Liaise with COFEM’s fiscal host on monthly invoicing for Secretariat, as well as honorariums for members. 

5. Resource Mobilization 

a. Support the Resource Mobilization Consultant and Senior Advisor in resource mobilization activities; 

b. Support the development of new proposals. 

The Coordinator in partnership with the Co-Coordinator for Advocacy, Learning and Movement Building will: 

1. Develop the annual Action Plan with the support of the Secretariat and Coordinating Committee, aligned to the resource mobilization strategy; 

2. Track COFEM’s impact on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis for reporting; 3. Develop and review COFEM’s grant proposals and reports; 

4. Strengthen COFEM’s institutional practice by adapting key structures, procedures, and practices, or as needed. 5. Co-facilitate bi-monthly Coordinating Committee meetings and Secretariat meetings; 6. Monitor the contractual and work plan commitments of the Secretariat team; 7. Contribute to the development of TORs and contracts for consultants and vendors, and facilitate the application and hiring process.


Required skills and experience 

■ Demonstrated ability to create respectful relationships and fruitful collaborations in remote / virtual environments 

■ Hold strong feminist values and support an inclusive environment; 

■ A positive attitude, someone who is flexible, responsive, and understanding of the diverse needs of a global team and membership; 

■ Respect for the core principles of COFEM and confidentiality of its members, as COFEM is a members-only forum;

■ Strong understanding of, commitment to, and evidence of incorporation of feminist principles and approaches in GBV work; 

■ An understanding of and interest in work addressing GBV/VAWG as well as a deep knowledge of feminist theory; 

■ Understanding of and commitment to diversity, inclusion and leadership approaches that reflect the core principles that are articulated in COFEM’s bylaws, including transparency, mutual support, shared power and collective learning; 

■ Experience in supporting organizational strengthening efforts, managing website and/or social media channels, writing reports and working on multi-stakeholder partnerships; and

■ At least 3 years of experience working with activist groups, NGO or INGOs.

How To Apply?

In an email to [email protected], please share your CV and 1 page answering the questions below. Deadline is April 1st, 2024. 

– What would be your immediate priorities upon starting this role? 

– What questions would you need answered/what support would you anticipate needing to ensure a smooth transition? – How will you uphold feminist values while also making informed, swift decisions that prioritize the sustainability and wellbeing of COFEM?

Also Check: The Fund for Peace offers full-time and part-time remote internships (Work is remote and must be performed anywhere in the world)

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